Tell Williams IV

Tell Williams IV

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Tell Williams IV (@mrwilliamsprek) is an early childhood educator and advocate who resides in West Chester, PA. He has almost ten years of experience working in both public and private classrooms, as well as for the Head Start Program as a Lead Teacher and Child/Family Advocate. After years of teaching Preschool, Tell saw a gap in curriculum that covers lessons on tolerance, acceptance, and diversity. He experienced the inequities teachers were having in the classroom, that were only heightened and made worse by the current pandemic. Tell decided to go back to school, while still teaching, to obtain a degree in Social Work, to help with advocating for educators and students.

Tell is also known for his social media presence on Instagram and TikTok (@MrWilliamsPreK) where he has a combined following of over 2 Million followers. Tell uses his platform, not just for storytelling, and making teachers laugh, but to also advocate for equity and justice in the classroom. Tell travels often for speaking engagements at schools and conferences on humanizing teachers both inside and out of the classroom, has comedy nights for teachers who desperately need a night of self-care, and talks with schools on being inclusive of LGBTQIA+ children, educators, and parents. On the off chance he has some spare time, Tell enjoys musical theatre, a good dirty martini, and binge watching tv with his husband, Dr. Jason Vanfosson, and their corgi, Teddy.

“Remember teaching is a form of advocacy, and while we may not choose the children we get in our classroom, we do get to choose how we love, support, and advocate for them.”