Gearing up for Advocacy: The Basics

Here is the presentation from Dr. Shayna Cook during the session “Gearing up for Advocacy: The Basics.” It is available in English and Spanish. Gearing up for Advocacy: The Basics (English)Gearing up for Advocacy: The Basics (Spanish)

Strong, Powerful Voices for Children

Here is the presentation from Lauren Hogan during the Welcome & Opening session titled “Strong, Powerful Voices for Children.” It is available in English and Spanish. Strong, Powerful Voices for Children (English)Strong, Powerful Voices for Children (Spanish)

Postcards from the Educator Appreciation Box

Here is a copy of the postcards included in the Educator Appreciation Boxes. Advocate today by mailing your postcard to your councilmember, use the “Stronger Together” postcard to write a note to a colleague or friend encouraging them to get involved, and use the “Advocacy is Self-Care” postcard to write yourself an encouraging message!  Postcards…

For Subsidy Providers Wanting to Close for a Professional Development Day

The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) requires that subsidy providers submit the Appendix F form to their Education Services Monitor to request closure for an in-person professional development day. Follow the directions below: Download the Appendix F form and share the name of the provider/facility/site where indicated.  Register each staff member attending…

Event Details to Share with the Families at Your Program

We recognize that schedule changes and closures can be challenging. Here is information you can share with the families at your program to help them understand the need for educators to participate in DC Early EdX 2024. Letter to Families (English PDF) Letter to Families (Spanish PDF)

Event Details for Program Administrators/Directors

DC Early EdX is a professional development event. This year, the event is in-person only with no virtual component. Participants will have to take the day away from the classroom to attend and earn professional development hours. Here are additional details to help you determine if this event is the right fit for you and the…

New D.C. Event Draws 1,300 to Celebrate Early Childhood Educators

Washington, D.C. — About 1,300 early childhood educators from across the District of Columbia have registered for a virtual gathering to share, learn and celebrate each other and the profession. The District’s early childhood educators help young children learn and grow in safe, healthy, stimulating environments, this past year amid the multiple risks and challenges of…